Monday, May 14, 2007

first haircut

Anna does not have much hair to speak of, but what little hair she has, was starting to come in faster straight down the middle of her head! In an effort to correct what was quickly becoming a mohawk hairdo, I gave in and gave her a quick trim.


Anthony and Sharon said...

At least you were the one that cut it! This past week a friend of ours' daughter chopped hers off fixed it, but nothing like walking in the living room and seeing your 3 year old with a pile of hair by her and scissors in her hand saying, "I look pretty mama!"

Sarah Wall said...

That is EXACTLY what happened to Julia! She rocked the mohawk for quite some time before it grew in evenly. All my attempts to blend it into the rest of her head were pretty futile. But you did a spectacular job on Anna's!