Saturday, July 28, 2007

Adventures in Thailand

One of the things we miss most while living abroad (besides our families) is just the comfort of eating familiar western food. One of the perks of living in Asia, is that airfare in very inexpensive between countries. On a recent business meeting we met with our company in Thailand. We almost made fools of ourselves in the middle of a busy mall when we spotted (of all things!) a Dairy Queen. The locals must have thought either that we didn't get out much or that we were starving. We somehow managed to get back to our hotel room before we devoured the hotdogs and blizzards. The kids couldn't eat fast enough. They wouldn't even pause long enough to smile for the picture.

We also went with some friends to an elephant park where they put on a show and then let you feed and ride the elephants. I was okay getting my picture taken with the elephants up close, but when it wrapped its trunk around my leg, neither I nor Anna were so sure that a picture up close had been a good idea. Much to our relief, it let go after the picture. As huge as they seem, these elephants in the picture are still just babies.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Grandparents visit

This past month Elijah and Anna's Grandma and Granddaddy braved the 24+ hour flight to visit them. With this visit, both of them learned lesson that is vital to grandchild development...Grandparents come with perks, such as cartoons and storytelling...

...canoe and merry-go-round rides,

and lots of icecream.

After about 2 weeks, we all decided that our 600 sq. ft. home was becoming a little too cozy for six people and opted for a trip to a nearby resort island. We couldn't get to the pool fast enough...

...and to the beach! (Which is where we spent most of our time.)

We took Grandma and Granddaddy out to try a lot of the local food.

Some of it was better than others.

Mostly we just hung out a lot...

...made new friends,

...laughed our head off,

...and fell exhausted into bed every night.

All in all, a good time was had by everyone.