Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hoping to Travel in December

We just received word that we MAY be traveling in December.  Of course we are living in international adoption land, so we are trying to balance our frantic last minute planning with a pinch of don't-get-too-excited-this-could-all-change-tomorrow.  :)

Here's to hoping and praying that we get to eat borscht and pierogies and sour cream for Christmas!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Up and Away

Our Dossier has left the building!

This post is actually a little late...we mailed it on Oct. 28th, but it arrived in our yet-to-be-named son's, yet-to-be-named country this week.

We also wired $500 for it to be translated and processed in what is hopefully a timely fashion.

For those of you who have donated to our adoption fund we are forever grateful...and for those of you who have yet to donate, now is your chance!   We ask that you consider giving even a small amount toward the cost of "Eastons" adoption.

We don't have a huge following for our blog...about 230 this past month.  But, if each person felt led to give just $5, that would add up to $1,150!  Little amounts really do add up!

It is difficult to sit still after the last few weeks of paperwork craziness, but sitting still is about all we can do right now.  Our next step is to wait for a travel date to go get "Easton" and bring him home!