Friday, September 14, 2007

Anna's 2nd Birthday

Anna celebrated her 2nd birthday on August 23rd. Due to the fact that she is a poor neglected 2nd born child and that she has a forgetful mother, the pictures are just now making the blog. She is becoming quite the little knock-out lately with a sassy little personality to go along with her good looks. She is starting to talk a lot in sentences, but you have to speak "Anna" in order to understand. She hums half of the word in the sentence. "I hmmmmm Oooo Mama!" and "Hmmmm mulk" means I love you Mama and Want milk, in Anna-language. Too cute!

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Anthony and Sharon said...

The "Anna Language" is yet another wonderful attribute of us incredibly good-looking second-borns. We dont take the easy road and just learn what everybody else is saying...usually that doesn't happen until about 3.5-4 (well, at least by 3 or 4 parents classify us as maybe as smart as our older siblings bc we finally manage the 'real' talking thing) but as all things in life, we rely on the knock-out good looks and sassy personality to carry us when people don't realize we're just as smart as our older siblings.

It's a blessing and curse I tell ya!

LOVE YOU ANNA! Happy Birthday!!!
(belated...but we hope our awesome good-looks will get us a pass on saying it so late!;)