Monday, December 3, 2007

Wedding Festivities

If we have learned nothing else since arriving to our Island home, it is to expect everything to take longer than you think it will. This held true this weekend when we went to our friends younger brother's wedding. Usually at weddings here, you show up, shake everyone's hand as you walk through a receiving line, eat a plate of food and then go home. It is a quick "eat and run" type gathering. This past Sunday, we arrived to our friends house at 8:30am and realized that we might be in for a longer day. Normally guests only come to the reception and only a special chosen few go to the actual wedding, which is very formal. I guess we are special, because we arrived at the grooms house to have a formal meal with both sets of families. Then we traveled with 6 tiny ladies all squished in our car to the brides house, where we separated men and women and had a formal religious ceremony. After that, we all went outside and had another huge meal. My only question is how everyone here is so tiny but can eat so much. Our second full meal of the day (huge plate of rice, vegetables and spicy goat and chicken) was all before 11am. We arrived home hot, exhausted and not wanting to eat again for days, but thrilled to have a glimpse into the culture of our host country. Unfortunately, we forgot our camera, so we only have a picture of us after we got home.

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