Sunday, September 21, 2008

Land of Smiles

We just returned from a mini-vacation to Krabi, Thailand. Thailand calls itself the land of smiles, so we decided to see for ourselves. We had the usual ups and downs of traveling and vacationing with two children on the autism spectrum, but on the whole, their were a lot more smiles than tears. Elijah's main cause of distress was that we would not let him swim off into the open ocean by himself! We spent almost every waking moment in some sort of water...the ocean, the swimming pool, or the hotel shower. (Anna was not too certain of the ocean at first, but as long as her daddy held her, she was fine.) There were waves to ride, kites to fly, sand angels to make, seafood to eat and snorkels and masks to try out...what more could two water babies ask for?

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