Saturday, January 20, 2007


The older our children get, the more their little temperments reveal themselves. Watching them play at a children's playland at the mall really brought out their differences. Elijah is three going on thirteen at the moment. He is quiet and pensive with moments of explosive laughter. Everything he does is to the extreme. Whether he is tantruming or playing, he does both with the same vigor. Anna is our little daredevil, and most of the time if we want to find her, we just look up. She loves to climb and has no natural fear of heights. I guess only time will tell how each will ultimately end up.

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Anthony and Sharon said...

It's official...this blog makes you super mom:) My friend Sara has two very cool kids- and your life in a land far far away seems pretty rad. Is there any other way to live? I think not.
We're excited you've entered the blog world...we've been waiting.