Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Strange Utterances

Ever since moving to this Island, I have found myself saying the strangest things. Not only are we all learning a whole new language, but I am saying things to my children that I never expected to say in our lifetimes. The other day, I found myself scolding Elijah and Anna for playing at the dinner table. After repeated reprimands, I finally yelled, "Would you two be quiet and eat your tofu and rice!" I never thought this would be a dietary staple for us. Today, we asked Elijah what his favorite food was and he answered, "Rice, tofu and corn!" I also found myself explaining to Elijah what a vacuum cleaner is. We knew when we moved here that our kids would be "third culture kids" but it is always startling how that works itself out. Today, when Elijah saw a picture of a vacuum cleaning, he had no idea what it was. I think he thought it was a musical instrument. I thought his horizons needed expanding so we went to have donuts at the local mall. They have the equivalent of Krispy Kreme here. (God bless whoever invented Krispy Kreme!)

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