Saturday, May 14, 2011


Its a little after the fact, but we had our homestudy on May 4th and our 2nd interview is coming up on the 31st.  It was not nearly as intimidating as I thought it would be.  The social worker was very nice and really only wanted to get a feel for what type of people/parents we are.  We have been going through an extermination process in our building, (welcome to NYC!) so half of our belongings are sealed in plastic bags and were in the middle of the floor until about 10 minutes before the social worker arrived.  Brad and I spent many frantic hours trying to shove and stuff then in to closets and dresser drawers so that our house would not look like a tornado had just hit.  Thankfully, she never felt the need to look inside of anything. 

We are entering the long stretch of this process where we are waiting for certain things to show up before we can mail other things off.  (Like our marriage certificate...can't figure out how we don't have a copy of that anywhere!)  If any one reading this is ever considering adopting, I would strongly suggest having several copies of everyone's birth-certificates, your marriage license, passports (for international adoption) and online accounts with all your financial institutions (bank, retirement, medical insurance, life-insurance, savings accounts, etc...) so that you can get copies of everything quickly.  Also, make sure you keep the last year of your tax return.  We have everything but our marriage license and hope that it is in the mail and on its way as I type.


Somewhere Behind the Morning said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful and insightful comment! My godmother's son has Asberger's, and I used to babysit him. He is 15 now and had to be homeschooled until high school. When he was around 2, we all just noticed different things about him. He flapped his arms constantly, retreated within himself, bit kids at school and the park, and just seemed disconnected. Of course, he is a GENIUS kid (he attends college courses, learned Chinese in 3 months, flies planes, sails boats, etc!!), but he needed a lot of structure and therapy to get where he is today. I've often thought the same thing about Victor liking the structure of school because it reminds him of the orphanage, but he doesn't care when Tom picks him up, just me. He rode the bus on Thursday and Friday and did great until I got him off of it on Friday. He started screaming and sobbing, yet he was in his familiar neighborhood. I don't know- I feel like a loser so much of the time!!!

I love new readers on my blog, and I will put your blog in my favorites so I can check in with you when I remember!! ;)
Kari :)

Amy said...

I just wanted to let you know that I had seen Brandon's info on Reece's Rainbow months and months ago, and have been praying and praying for months that his family would find him! I just went back to check, and am so so thrilled that he is being adopted! Thank you so much. The idea of any of those beautiful children spending their lives lost and alone devastates me, and for whatever reason Brandon particularly grabbed my attention. I'm planning on following your blog, if that's alright with you!