Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brotherly Love

One thing that makes me feel super blessed as Elijah and Anna's mama is that they truly love each other so much.  They have their own separate rooms but choose to bunk together.  They call each other their best friend and love playing together and never understand why their friends don't want their sibling included.  One of their favorite games is pretending their hands are baby monsters (kind of like sock puppets without the socks)...Anna is " Little Sister Monster" and Elijah is "Brother Monster."  I have been a little worried how "Brandon" would be included, but on the way to the library yesterday I heard them include "Baby Adopted Monster." and realized that all is good.

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Somewhere Behind the Morning said...

Oh my gosh, this photo and sibling sweetness post is ADORABLE!!!! Sosie and Victor are too far apart in age to interact much. Her face lights up when he comes in the room, but he doesn't really do much with her besides a hug or kiss if we ask him. I am hoping that changed when she starts getting interesting and can do more!! :)

And, THANK YOU!!! for your comment. You mean I'm not the only only who wants to drop Victor off sometimes and drive away? hehe It's nice we can admit these things with other moms and not feel like such failures. I think it helps a lot to have this outlet. You're absolutely right- we have only had 6 months together not like giving birth to factory fresh newborns that you (usually) instantly love. Even though Sosie was 9 months when we got her, it's been a long road for her little mind to adjust too as well as us as first timers. Thanks for putting it in perspective for me, and it's "nice to meet you"! :)