Tuesday, July 19, 2011


We just got the first draft of our homestudy back from the social worker and now everything has moved into hold-onto-your-hats fast forward.  Being the practical girl that I am, I have decided to painted the kitchen, picked out paint samples for my bedroom, rearranged the kids room furniture and because I can't think what else to do with myself, I am making croissants from scratch.

Wonder if I'm nesting?

I saw a shirt that said "adoption is the new pregnant." and at first I wasn't sure if it was offensive and then I thought it was kind of funny, and now I think it is spot on true.  The cravings, swollen feet and nausea may be different, but the crazy moods, and oddly ill timed bouts of redecorating are exactly the same.
Think I'll get off here and go clean something.


Wanda said...

Getting excited... Hopefully not too long now!!!!.

Bekah said...


I wondered if I could ask you a few questions about adopting in NY through Reece's Rainbow. My family and I are very seriously considering adopting through Reece's Rainbow also, but I wondered how you went about it being in New York State. We've had a couple agencies tell us that we need to work with an agency that's licensed here in NY - how did you find one that would work with the child you found on RR? We have a five year old and a three year old and we would really like to adopt through there if we can figure out how to go about that. If you have any advice you could share with us, or even the agency you're using if you don't mind, it would be SO appreciated!

Praying for you and your family as you work toward bringing this beautiful little one into your home!

Thank you so much,
ashmanrm at gmail dot com

Allen and Carrie said...

Thanks so much for visiting our blog for Valentin! We are very excited to bring him home (as I am sure you can understand!)
We also considered Easton, what a coincidence!
Can't wait to follow your journey! God bless!

grinningmom said...

We have been praying for little Easton and his future family for quite a while now. There was much rejoicing in our house when we saw his picture moved to the "my family found me" page! Is the photo of Brandon on the side of your blog a more recent photo of Easton? Or is that another little cutie? We will continue to pray for your family and would love to see updates of the process.