Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 18: A little off

Today was just one of those days where everything is a little off...the kind where you just need a reset button. We woke up just a little grumpy and rushed to get out the door. We forgot almost everything we normally take to our visits with camera, no Ipod, no crackers, no diapers. We thankfully remembered his toys, a banana and his water. (No pictures today due to the forgotten camera.)

When we arrived, they brought him too us before we even had a chance to take our coats off. I am hanging on to Jacob with one arm while trying to shake my coat off with the other hand. Jacob was agitated and didn't want to be held. He normally hugs us tight and just lays his chin on our shoulder when he first sees us. Not for long, but it is still his normal greeting. He pushed away and climbed all over the room. Up and down the sofa. Over the chairs and across the end table. In and out of the play pen. Content to play for just a moment and then shrieking and climbing some more. He wasn't mad exactly, but more disconnected from us and more difficult to soothe. Finally I had a light bulb mama instinct moment and realized that he might be hungry. When all else fails, try feeding them. This might not be the most psychologically correct parenting advice, but it has been my mantra for years. I scooped him up and gave him a banana which he devoured. I thought he would be satisfied, but then he proceeded to unpack the bag we always bring and turn it over and over in his hands. He would search every corner and then search again. Our poor baby was so hungry and we didn't have anything left to give him. We distracted him the best we could, but he practically leaped into his nannies arms when she arrived to take him to lunch.

We will never know exactly why Jacob was so hungry today, but we suspect that his nannies did not feed him prior to our visit in an effort to keep his diaper clean today. I have his bag packed and ready to go for tomorrow's visit and I am bringing enough food to thoroughly ruin his appetite for lunch.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

I'm boggled that they didn't have another diaper to put on him. Really? The whole institution, presumably, with other children his size and they didn't have another? GRRRRRR. Just needed to growl about that a bit.

Glad you at least had the banana! I can't wait to see if he chubs up at home! :)