Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 32: Taking boredom to whole new heights

Today I had an unexpected free day...the director of Jacob's institution called to say that I was not able to visit today because he is sick. It seems odd to me that his mother can't visit him when he is sick, but we are not playing by my rules yet.

I found myself all dressed up with no where to go. I got the call in the stairwell of my apartment building, heading down to meet my driver. I trudged back up the stair to drop off Jacob's backpack of toys that I bring everyday and sat down to make a plan. There really is not much you can do here except eat or have coffee. I had just finished breakfast, which included a cup of coffee, so I was at a loss for how to keep myself occupied. So, I decided to brave the bus system by myself. (I had taken it before with Brad when he was here but never alone.) It was a lot easier that I expected it to be. I got off in the city center right by my old apartment. There is a long walking street that is full of shopping and is just a nice place for a stroll, even if it is still very snowy and slushy out.

I stopped in a store called Gloria Jeans (not to be confused with the coffee shop in the States) and bought a few pairs of fleece pants and some long sleeve t-shirts for Jacob. I can't believe that he is 5 years old and is wear a 2T in pants and 3T in shirts!

The rest of my day was just filled with facebook, tv shows on my computer, washing laundry, doing the dishes, wandering around my apartment, taking a long bath. Then I wandered around my apartment some more, looked at facebook again, cooked pancakes for dinner (really pretty to look at but not great tasting because I had to make then with baking soda instead of baking powder) and then washed more dishes. Then more tv shows on my other words, boredom. Lots and lots of boredom.

I am praying that Jacob is well tomorrow and that I can visit with him. I will not be able to visit with him over the weekend since I am not allowed on the weekends, and then I have a ton of appointments on Monday to get necessary paperwork completed, so no visit on that day either. Hoping to get one more visit in so that I don't have to go so long without seeing him.

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