Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 29: Moving Day

Today I woke up bright and early and packed my last few things to move to a new apartment. I got a call last night that I would have to move today. I don't understand all of the reasons that I had to move, but know that this is Ukraine, and things just work different here. I just roll with things as they come here. I am only a few miles away from my first apartment and it is actually a lot more homey and comfortable than the first apartment. The area is mainly families and so it is quieter and safer feeling. I never felt unsafe at the other apartment, this one has families and neighbors nearby if anything goes wrong. I looked like a bag lady while I move in since I packed in one large suitcase and six grocery bags. :)

I dropped my things off and got settled for just a minute and then left for my visit with Jacob. Our facilitator, Sasha went with me today and it was nice to have someone to chat with. Jacob knows Sasha from the babyhouse (where he was before he was transferred to the institution) and he seemed relaxed and happy that she was there. He was very calm today and liked to play quietly with his toys on the floor. It feels like he is getting more and more comfortable with me and is responding more to English. I try to repeat the same short English phrases each visit so that he can begin to learn. He is also signing "more" without prompting now when I don't move fast enough with the next bite of his snack.

Each day the visits feel shorter and shorter but I know soon that he will be all mine so I try to be patient.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

He reminds me of Anna in that 3rd picture. Don't think yall will ever get the question (that I've come to loathe, so lucky you!) "Is he yours or adopted?" Can't WAIT to see him in pics with his brother and sister!