Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 34: Good News!

I was so much better at blogging when this journey began, but then again, the 10 day waiting period is largely the same thing over and over again. Wake up, eat breakfast, read my Bible, drive to the institution, visit with Jacob for an hour and a half, drive home, eat lunch, run errands/wash clothes/make dinner/pack for tomorrow/shower, go to bed and repeat the process all again the next day.

Yesterday Jacob was sick again and the director called to say that I couldn't visit. I was reassured that it is just a bad head cold and that they will call me if I need to get him medicine. It is still difficult to be away from him. It is hardest that I have no idea what Jacob understands. I don't know if he is worried I'm not coming back, whether or not he understands what a Mama and Daddy is, if he even has a concept of time or the world outside of the institution.

Tonight brought relief from the monotony in the form of very good news. I just got a call from our facilitator telling me that she will be able to get us an expedited passport for Jacob. Originally we thought it would take a week to get this, but now it is only going to take one day! Praise the Lord!

On Monday I will hit the ground running. I will go to get Jacob's birth certificate and identification card so that I can apply for his passport. On Tuesday I will pick up his passport and close out his bank account (all orphans are given a small stipend by the government) which I will donate back to the institution to help them with various needs for the remaining children there. On Wednesday I will shop for a stroller and a few last minute items that I need to travel and no Wednesday evening I hope to take Jacob out of the institution for the last time. Then I will get on an overnight train with him to Kiev. Once in Kiev I will have embassy appointments for 2 days and hopefully fly home on Saturday.

I can hardly believe that this is happening. It is like I thought I was having braxton hicks and suddenly realized that I am in labor and about to deliver! It is a wild ride for sure!

I am praying that Jacob will feel comforted and safe with me while he goes through so much transition.

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Unknown said...

That's awesome! Now you've got my hopes up that we might be able to do that... though it looks like you'll still be at 41 days even with that.

It's harder to keep up not on FB, but I got on the U account today so I could get caught up on all the private blogs. Glad things are going well there, and that you're almost done!