Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 26: We're serious about our food!

Our whole family loves to eat. You would never guess that by looking at us, but we even plan our vacations around what cool new food or dessert we get to try.

Apparently Jacob will fit right in. I brought him a banana today and at first had a difficult time convincing him to let me peel it. he wanted to just take a big bite, peel and all. I wonder if he had just never seen an unpeeled banana before because he began to cry and pitch a fit when I threw away the peel and wouldn't let him eat it. This is the first time we have heard him cry at all! I was afraid I would have an entire troop of nannies descend on the room to find out what I did to him, so I distracted him by swinging him really high in my arms. This worked for a few minutes and then I was exhausted and Jacob remembered that he was still hungry.

Thankfully, I have been carrying around a granola bar in my purse for weeks. I hesitated to give it to him because it is sticky and has peanuts. A few more high pitched screams from Jacob were enough to make me forget all my fears and whip out that granola bar. Everything here has hazel nuts in it so surely he's not allergic to peanuts, right?

He was in heaven. The boy LOVES to eat! He started to get full and slow down as we got to the end of the granola bar and Jacob and I both sighed in relief.

After that, he climbed down like a little gentleman and we played "wet-wipes-out-of- the-bag/wet-wipes-back-in-the-bag" for the rest of the visit.

I can't wait to have him home where I can just relax and enjoy him!

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