Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 11: The way to Jacob's heart

What warms Jacob's heart like nothing else...Teddygrahams.

Who would have thought I would be so thankful that the pack of teddygrahams that I impulsively bought at the airport on the way here would come in so handy. Jacob is tiny in stature but does not appear to be malnourished so we have not been giving him many snacks. We are the first family to ever adopt a child from his institution so we are being very careful not to rock the boat. We didn't want to stuff him with snacks so that we wouldn't eat his lunch, but have realized that these little bears get his attention like nothing else.

I have been feeding him a few at a time and hold them right up to my face so that he will look into my eyes. When he does we cheer for him and hand him the cookie. He caught on immediately. :)


Julia said...

It sounds so similar to Aaron's place in that he wasn't starved... just completely starved. Physical needs were taken care of (food, clothing, bed) but emotional - non-existent. And though they are physically healthy - they are wasting away in mind and spirit. WE used smarties... lots and lots of smarties to get Aaron's attention. To try to get him to talk (fail) or to look at me or to engage. He wasn't drugged so his attention span was great and he could focus well but he was so closed and had put up so many barriers. So we bribed with tiny packets of smarties at each visit.

Anthony & Sharon said...

I understand not wanting to rock the boat, but that was the single biggest piece of advice I ever got from the Walls. "Give them food. If that doesn't work, try something else." :)

I am sitting here weeping and praising our amazing God for his rescue plan for this little boy...your sweet Jacob. And I also love his name, because Jacob walked with a limp...a deep felt reminder that He belonged to the most high God.