Thursday, January 19, 2012

Update (Day 4)


Tonight we got on the overnight sleeper train to travel to Easton’s region. Our driver, Eugene picked us up and we went to the train station. It was a huge ornate building similar to Grand Central Station in NYC. Across the street I couldn’t help by laugh at the huge restaurant named McFoxy that ironically enough was right next door to McDonalds!
It even served McFoxy burgers and fries! There are so many jokes that come to mind with that one!! :)

Eugene helped us onto the train and introduced us to the train mistress...a sweet plump little Ukrainian lady with an old fashioned blonde up-do hairstyle. He explained to her that we were clueless Americans and she promised to take good care of us, bring us tea if we wanted, and to wake us up in time to get off the train. :) Inside the train was a dimly lit narrow hallway with a low ceiling. There were bathrooms at both ends and compartments all along the hall with sliding doors. Each compartment had four bunks, but we bought all four bunks so that we could have some privacy. I began to feel a little claustrophobic and shortly after we got settled and sat down on our bunks, I got a bad case of the giggles. Brad instantly looked at me with alarm because if he has learned anything in almost 12 years of marriage is that his wife doesn’t get the giggles unless she is about to totally lose it! And I was close. He literally even looked at me and said, “Oh no!” Brad jumped to it and started turning on more lights, opening the shades and getting our picnic dinner out for us. I promised him that I would try to behave myself and get a grip, which I managed to do. The train really was clean enough...the sheets and pillow cases were fresh and sealed in plastic...I was really glad I brought my own pillow though, since I am really weird about needing my own pillow. The only thing I would have done differently was to memorize my compartment number BEFORE I went to the bathroom so that I wouldn’t have burst in on that poor Ukrainian gentleman who was reading in on his bunk (thankfully still fully clothed!)

We were really sleepy and went to bed shortly after 8pm. I think the time difference and just the craziness of the last few days finally caught up with us. It felt like sleeping in the back of a pickup truck that was driving on an unpaved road. It was not the most comfortable sleep I have ever had, but it was good enough.

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