Friday, January 20, 2012

This one isn't for the kids Grandma!

Our apartment here is very clean and very comfortable. It has a built in gym in the form of 5 flights of stairs with no elevator. :)

The only things that we might want to change is the decor. I call it the love shack while Brad calls it the heiney-moon suite. It has glow in the dark...yes, I did say glow in the dark...wallpaper in the bedroom that is a drawing of two naked people embracing. It also has artistic style photos of women's backsides hanging on the wall. If that weren't enough, it has a bedside table full of condoms. Oh my...afraid to ask what this apartment is normally rented for.

Did I mention the bathtub built for two or the zebra print living room?

I had a stack of post it notes that I found in my purse and am thinking of making little post-it skirts for all the drawings on the wallpaper. :)

WARNING: picture of previously mentioned decor posted below!

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