Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 4 - The Big Chill

I am huddled up under a comforter, eating hot oatmeal for lunch and drinking hot tea...trying to thaw out! We got up and walked over to the SDA office to pick up our referral that is our ticket to get into Easton’s institution. We ate our normal eggs, toast and jam breakfast but then grabbed a latte from the coffee truck on our way to the office. It was snowing again but much colder today (about 26 degrees). We arrived at the office and joined several other families who were waiting. Most things require a bit of a wait here, as things are sorted out, so we stood around in the snow and slowly turned into icicles. After about an hour Serge fussed at us to get into the cars so we wouldn’t get sick. The men were such gentlemen and let us get into the facilitator’s cars to stay warm while they braved the cold. (There wasn’t enough room for all of us to get in.)

We were finally brought into the office and after showing our passports and signing on the dotted line, we left with our translated dossier and our referral letter.

On the way home we practically ran since we were so eager to get inside and warm up. We were originally going to go to a Ukrainian buffet that we heard was really good, but decided that we would make do with what we had at the apartment. We made a quick dash into the corner grocery store to get more bottled water since I accidentally bought carbonated water last night. We sat it out and let it go flat, but it still tastes salty and weird.

We are resting and regrouping the rest of the afternoon before our train ride tonight. I have never been in an overnight train before...should be interesting. We leave at 7:22pm local time which is about 1:22pm EST.

We are hoping to spend the rest of the day before we leave praying and resting in the Lord to prepare ourselves for what we might find at the Institution in case the conditions are not what we would like them to be.

The picture above is what Brad went out to find after reading about them in our Lonely Planet guidebook. I have no idea what they are called but they taste divine. They are a wonderful fluffy bread rolls with different fillings. You can get either savory or sweet. Brad found them down the street and the shop had enough English writing for him to be able to avoid the liver filled ones. :) We got cabbage filled, potato filled, minced beef and onion filled and egg and chive filled. It might sound strange but it was so delicious. We also got a blueberry one and a some sort of red jam filled. Think I might have to get some more of these to take on the train with us!

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