Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reluctant Blogger

I am indeed a reluctant blogger.  I love the idea of capturing family memories on a blog complete with corresponding photos, but the reality of my life is that I am to busy actually living it, to blog about it!  That being said, here is the catch up post...

We all tried a selection of foods from Easton's country. It is readily available where we live, but unfortunately, it just might be the one international cuisine that we all would rather not eat ever again! Elijah and Anna are troopers and agreed that we would all eat it for as long as Easton wants to until he is comfortable with American food. I am so proud of them!

We spent a non-traditional Thanksgiving in the City so that we could get up at the crack of dawn and watch the parade. We had a great spot right at the front! We followed this by lunch at a deli and then a trip to see Santa at Macy's. This was the kids first time seeing Santa since we have lived overseas almost every Christmas where there just wasn't a Santa available. They were both pretty intrigued by the idea, especially since we watched "Miracle on 34th Street" before we went.

December 9th brought us to Elijah's 8th birthday. (How did he get this old!) It was a crazy house full of little boys and so I don't have the best pictures. :) At one point his little friend came up to me holding a play sword in one hand and a bloody front tooth in the other, and announced, "My tooth fell out!" I was seconds away from a heart attack when he explained that his tooth had been loose for weeks.

Christmas this year was low key...just the way we like it. We are much more about quality time and family trips than big gifts. We went to see THE tree in the city and then baked a bunch of cookies together. On Christmas morning we had a annual crepe breakfast and a slow morning of opening gifts and hanging out. Perfect.

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