Sunday, January 15, 2012

We arrived in Kiev today after a thankfully uneventful plane ride. Aside from some turbulence and mild nausea, we landed in Kiev around lunch time. We breezed through immigration and customs without anyone even looking up at us and were greeted by our driver. I am certain he is used to bleary eyed half asleep Americans because he took over and helped us exchange money and go grocery shopping before settling us in with cell phones and internet at our apartment. We were hungry enough to eat cardboard and call it steak, but were pleased to find that the lunch meat our driver selected for us to make sandwiches with was delicious. He also helped us buy, jam, chocolate, butter, eggs, sliced cheese, milk and juice.

After lunch we were fighting sleep (we only got about 3 hours of sleep on the plane) so we decided to go explore the city. It was snowing and beautiful...enormous fluffy snowflakes. We walked about 10 minutes to Independence Square and explored an outdoor Christmas market. We finally had to return to our apartment to thaw out and prepare for our big day tomorrow. We have out government appointment tomorrow where we will officially agree to meet our new son.


VCoops said...

I love the pics! Can't wait to read about tomorrow! Good luck!!!

Amy said...

It's beautiful with all the snow! HAVE FUN!!