Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 15: Content to Wait

Today was the first day that the wait until Jacob is officially our son began to feel long. We wear the same clothes; and Jacob wears the same clothes, and we visit for one hour in the same room with the same toys, day after day. Don't get me wrong, we are thankful for our visits with him and for the tiny changes we see in him each time we are with him, but we just want to have him home. For just a second today, he hugged me tight after we had been gone for two days. We were all happy to see each other. Then my closeness is too much for him and he wiggles to be put down and scoots away.

I can only imagine how challenging the transition will be for Jacob. Everything about us is different than he is used to. Even our love for him is alarming to him at times. We are anxious to have him home.

Usually he is all about mama, but today he got a lot of Daddy time. Brad was the one with the snack today and the cool zip front sweater that was irresistible to Jacob, and the bottle of bubbles. What kid doesn't like bubbles?!

Nothing holds his attention very long, but each time we visit he is more and more interested in us and what we are doing. He is learning to trust us and realizing that we offer love and security...and snacks. :)

Each day we are able to visit we bring the same three toys in the same bag. A stuffed puppy, a photo album of our family, and a dinosaur coloring book. Jacob is especially attached to the coloring book. He uses his hands to scoot around so he holds his book in his teeth. That is one smart boy! Way to problem solve Jacob! We also keep a bottle of water and a snack in the bag for him. We are pretty certain he said "water" today in Russian. :) He is now diving into the bag when we set it down. When we first met him he showed no curiosity for us or anything around him. We are now beginning to see him take timid little peaks around the room to see what we brought.

Like any little boy, he is curious about how things work. He was very intrigued with the zipper on Brad's sweater...enough to crawl on top of Brad to try it for himself.

He almost completely unlaced my boots when he realized the laces could be untied.

It will be wonderful to have him outside of the tiny visitor's room where he can explore and learn to his hearts content.